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"Ideal Client" translates for me into, who will best be served by signing up and successfully completing my programs. 
  1. Resonates with my communication style:  to effectively recieve weekly lesson messages & hear offered advice
  2. Understands accountability: we are all part of our problems and must therefore be part of the solution
  3. Capable of decision making & taking supportive actions: critical to build on each previous weekly lesson/activity
  4. Desire to foster intuition & connect with nature: we will create WIN/WIN solutions, [W=wisdom, I=intuition, N=nature]
  •  12/11/2020 08:00 PM
  • Online Event

To be scheduled CUTV podcast, (episode 7 in series discussing: 7 Songs & 7 Steps to Self-Mastery) Step 7 - Celebrating & practicing steps to Self-Mastery.

  •  5/29/2020 03:00 PM
  • Online Event

(episode 6 in series: 7 Songs & 7 Steps to Self-Mastery) Step 6 - Aligned Action. When we take action aligned with our passion, we are unleashing our unstoppable selves. This is when our actions, thoughts, words match our emotion and it fuels our creativity.

  •  5/15/2020 09:00 PM
  • Online Event

(episode 5 in series: 7 Songs & 7 Steps to Self-Mastery) Step 5 - Communication. Important to realize communication is an activity that goes both directions. There is a sender and a receiver. There are times that some people do seem to get stuck in one mode or the other; either constantly in send or receive mode.

  •  5/8/2020 03:00 PM
  • Online Event

(episode 4 in series: 7 Songs & 7 Steps to Self-Mastery) Step 4 - Choice. Life is a journey, we create each step by making a series of personal choices. When you are happy, not making a choice is a viable answer; however typically change is a welcome choice.

  •  5/1/2020 03:00 PM
  • Online Event

(episode 3 in series: 7 Songs & 7 Steps to Self-Mastery) Step 3 - Releasing. In order to make room to recieve, it is helpful to release what no longer serves you. This is critical step in creating space for personal growth.

  •  4/24/2020 03:00 PM
  • Online Event

(episode 2 in series: 7 Songs & 7 Steps to Self-Mastery) Step 2 - Nourishment. Notice various forms of nourishment, (from food, music, to the company you keep) all impacts your body's mental, emotional and physical health.

  •  4/17/2020 03:00 PM
  • Online Event

(episode 1 in series: 7 Songs & 7 Steps to Self-Mastery) Step 1 - Perspective. Understanding each one of us has unigue set of life circumstances (experience, training, education) which shape our individual perception of each new, now moment.

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